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Action Figures Tomart's Encyclopedia of Action Figures: The 1001 Most Popular Collectibles of All Time
by Sally Ann Berk

Hardcover - 256 pages. This book will be published in May 2000. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Tomart's guides are well-respected among collectors. Buy Tomart's Action Figures

Action Figures Guide The Official Price Guide to Action Figures (2nd Ed)
by Stuart W. Wells, Jim Main

From the A-Team to the X-Men, Big Jim to the Little Mermaid, The Official Price Guide to Action Figures lists more than 8,000 different figures from hundreds of series--complete with separate introductions to each series and its significance, history, and collectibility. Photos throughout. 8-page color insert. Buy Action Figures Guide

Action Figures of the 1980s Action Figures of the 1980s (Schiffer Book)
by John Marshall

A thorough, informative, and entertaining look at the action figures produced during the 1980s. In over 430 superb color photographs, fans of G.I. Joes, fantasy figures, the Thunder Cats, super heroes, Transformers, and pro-wrestling plus many more will find figures covered here. Price listings are provided for every figure shown and for every known figure produced within a particular product line and for all grades in and out of the box. Buy Action Figures '80s

Action Figure Archive Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive
by Stephen J. Sansweet (Ed), Josh Ling

It's all here with full-color photos and rich details: every version of popular characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, along with more obscure, hard-to-find figures, card variants, international editions, accessory descriptions, and product mistakes. showcases all the Hasbro/Kenner toys released from 1978 through 1997. This is a crucial reference for serious collectors--and an unbelievably fun book for every Star Wars fan. Buy Action Figure Archive

Marx Action Figures The Encyclopedia of Marx Action Figures: A Price and Identification Guide
by Tom Heaton

In the 1960s and 1970s, Marx ruled the action figure world with a myriad of adventure characters, such as Johnny West, Rat Patrol, Daniel Boone, Vikings, knights and Indians. This book is a complete guide to the over 230 Marx action figures produced, with highly detailed photos that show the boxes and accessories. 425 b&w photos. Buy Marx Action Figures

Tomarts A to G Tomarts Encyclopedia & Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles: A-Team Thru G.I.Joe
by Bill Sikora, T. N. Tumbusch

The first, alphabetically, of three Tomart's action figures guides. Hundreds of items, most with photos, many in color. Each listing has grade prices from Complete No Package (CNP), to Mint in Package (MIP), and Mint In Mint Package (MIMP). See the others in this series below. Buy Tomarts A to G

Tomarts G to S Tomart's Encyclopedia and Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles: G.I. Joe - Star Trek
by Bill Sikora

One of three Tomart's guides; each covers alphabetical area indicated. Hundreds of items, most with photos, many in color. Each listing has grade prices from Complete No Package (CNP), to Mint in Package (MIP), and Mint In Mint Package (MIMP). From G.I. Joe to Spiderman, and the Mummy in between, the photos are a visual treat. See the others in this series too. Buy Tomarts G to S

Tomarts S to Z Tomarts Encyclopedia & Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles: Star Trek-Zybots
by Bill Sikora

They are all here; Star Trek, Superman, Tarzan, X-men, and much, much more. This is the third in the Tomart series of action figures guides. All come with great photos and current market values by grade. Buy the whole series or just the guide for your own collectibles area. Buy Tomarts S to Z

Mego Action Figures Mego Action Figure Toys: With Values
by John Bonavita

Toy action figures are highly popular collectibles and Mego is the premier maker. Super Heros from comics, television and movie stories are made with interchangeable clothes, equipment and vehicles, all shown here with their original packaging in over 375 color photos, with catalog pages and current values. Buy Mego Figures

Starting Lineup Figures Tuff Stuff's Complete Guide to Starting Lineup: A Pictorial History of Kenner Starting Lineup Figures
by Jim Warren, Jeff Clow

For 10 years, sports collectors have been scrambling to build complete sets of Starting Lineup figures. The result has been a rapidly growing market in which mint-condition SLUs have become big-ticket items. In this first-ever guide of its type, you'll find photographs, pricing histories, and inside information on every Starting Lineup figure ever issued in the United States. Buy Starting Lineup Figures

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