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American Dream The American Dream: The 50's
by Richard B. Stolley

This books is filled with wonderful photos that will take you back to 'the good old days'. If you remember pink Cadillacs, fallout shelters, Sputnik, S & H Green Stamps, Erector Sets, duck and cover, civil rights, the red menace, car hops and drive-ins, you'll want this book Buy The American Dream

SPAM Spam: A Biography
by Carolyn Wyman

Traces Spam's history --its high and its low points. Used extensively during WWII, to feed troops and families alike, Spam is one of the most well known brands in America, and the world. The brunt of thousands of jokes over the years, whether you hate it or love it, you cannot ignore Spam's place in popular culture. Buy Spam

Hamburger The Complete Hamburger: The History of America's Favorite Sandwich
by Ronald L. McDonald

This funny, entertaining book by the the nephew of the founder of McDonald's, is a treasure trove of history, recipes and burger lore. There's enough here to please anyone interested in American popular culture, collectibles, cuisine, or commerce. Buy Hamburger

Alfred e.. . Mad: The Half-Wit and Wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman
bySergio Aragones

Alfred E. Neuman was a parent's nemesis; but for kids, a new issue of MAD was a red-letter event. This collection of clever, satirical MAD humor includes art and commentary by Sergio Aragones, one of MAD's most popular and recognizable artists. If you remember when this "geek" was the most 'in' guy in the neighbor, this MAD volume is for you. Buy Half Wit

Awesome 80s Totally Awesome 80s: A Lexicon of the Music, Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Stars, and Trends of That Decadent Decade
by Matthew Rettenmund

The first pop reference book to capture the spirit of the 80s. Skinny ties, Valspeak, the birth of MTV -- pop music, the faces, places, fads, fashions, movies, television shows, toys, and videos that defined the "Greed Decade." This is a comprehensive tribute to all things 80s. 300 photos. Buy Awesome 80s

Coca Cola Coca-Cola: The Collector's Guide to New and Vintage Coca-Cola Memorabilia
by Randy Schaeffer, Bill Bateman

The memorabilia we collect today was the newest marketing hook way back when. The 200 items showcased here demonstrate how promotional items tightly link to the history and development of the Coca-Cola company. If you collect Buy Coca Cola

Baby Busters The Complete, Cross-Referenced Guide to the Baby Buster Generation's Collective Unconscious
by Glenn Gaslin, Rick Porter

From Atari to oat bran, pong to the Rubik's Cube, the A-Team, Sam Kinison, Koosh balls, Kajagoogoo and Duran Duran - this comprehensive, alphabetized, and witty guide takes you through the "big '80s"-a concise, cross-referenced catalogue of historical events, artistic achievements, technological developments, cultural triumphs and of course, Hacky sack, Underoos and Valley Girls. Buy Baby Busters

50s Flashback Fifties Flashback
by Albert Drake

If you remember cars with flames, drive-in movies, service stations, car clubs, drag races. cruising, car hops and curb service, this rod-centered flashback is one great ride. A good set of images from photos, catalogs, magazines, comics, and books take you on a great ride. Buy 50s Flashback

White Castle Selling 'Em by the Sack: White Castle and the Creation of American Food
by David Gerard Hogan

Before Big Mac, the Whopper and Wendy's there was White Castle -- dinner in a sack that made the hamburger respectable. Why/how was Wichita Kansas home to the American burger and 'carry out' service? How did the 5 cent burger give birth to American fast food? Grab a sack and check it out. Buy White Castle

Going Gone Going Going Gone: Vanishing Americana
by Susan Jonas, Marilyn Nissenson

Fifty specific things that we thought would always be around are showcased here, each with a 2-3 page essay and over 150 photos. What's disappearing? Drive-in movies, manual typewriters, hitchhiking, bridge parties, vinyl records, carbon paper, TV antennas, telegrams, slide rules, girdles and much more. What do we take for granted today, that will be gone from daily life in a couple of years? What might become the next hot collectible area? Buy Going Gone

Cruisin Cruisin': Car Culture in America
by Michael Karl Witzel, Kent Bash

Back in the 50s CRUISIN is what you did on Friday night. All aspects of this universal pastime are described: the cars, youth culture, street racing, drive-ins, "classic" cruising venues, popular culture and more. Ilustrated with 200 photos, this work features a dozen specially commissioned artworks by well-known automotive illustrator Kent Bash. Buy Cruisin'

American Stuff Great American Stuff: A Celebration of People, Places, and Products That Make Us Happy to Live in America
by R. L. Jones

This has got to be one of the best "bathroom books." From Ivory Soap and the Model-T Ford, to Benny Goodman, toll house cookies, Humphrey Bogart, M&Ms, and more than 250 other topics, this book takes you on a really unusual journey. One look at the Table of Contents will hook you. Buy American Stuff

Dick and Jane Growing Up With Dick and Jane: Learning and Living the American Dream
by Carole Kismaric, Marvin Heiferman

A simply presented amusing analysis of American popular culture and educational theories through the looking glass of the Dick and Jane readers. The book is a visual treat, with a layout that looks like Wired magazine for preschoolers. Packaged into a pocket on the inside back cover is a small volume reprinting five classic Dick and Jane tales, including Look, See It Go, and Something Blue for Puff. Buy Dick and Jane

Furniture of the 60s Op to Pop: Furniture of the 1960s
by Cara Greenberg

From a lipstick-red love seat shaped like Marilyn Monroe's lips, to an anthropomorphic "man" chaise, or a "domestic capsule unit," 1960s furniture was unique. The roots and influences of '60s design, from space travel to Pop Art, are showcased here with over 250 seldom-seen, full-page color photographs of model rooms, showrooms, and objects. Includes a source guide to the growing number of outlets for 1960s furniture design. Buy Op to Pop

Stuck in the 70s Stuck in the Seventies: 113 Things from the 1970's That Screwed Up the Twentysomething Generation
by Scott Matthews (Ed), Jay Kerness, Tamara Nikuradse, Jay Steele

If you were "really groovy" in the 70s, this book will have you in stitches. The people, the fads, the TV shows and music - Austin Powers eat your heart out. This book is great for parties or as a real ice breaker just lying on your coffee table. Buy Stuck in the 70s

5-&-10-cent stores America's 5 & 10 Cent Stores: The Kress Legacy
by Bernice L. Thomas

The only comprehensive history of America's 5-&-10-cent stores. A tour of local stores nationwide, from their beginnings in 1920s to today, looking at the changing streetscape of downtown America. Over 200 Kress Stores in 27 states are featured. 178 black and white photo and 20 color plates--many from the National Building Museum's collection. Buy 5-&-10-cent stores

Frisbee The Complete Book of Frisbee: The History of the Sport & the First Official Price Guide
by Victor A. Malafronte, F. Davis Johnson (Ed), Rachel Forbes

The first collectible price guide covering 100 years of antique Frisbie/Frisbee memorabilia, with 400 color photographs detailing nearly two dozen categories. Plus an international listing of 164 frisbee collectors and dealers. One look at the Table of Contents and you'll be convinced that everything you want to know about Frisbees are in this book. Buy Frisbee

2001 2,001 Things That Won't Make It into the 21st Century
by Career Press

This "highly subjective" list of things the editors believe will not last (and they tell you why) is a trip down memory lane for most of us. Categories include: Technology, Fashion, Food, People, Advertising Jingles, and many more. You'll find everything from Garfields stuck in car windows, to fallout shelters, steak tartare, hair-in-a-can, Beatles wigs, fur and books by OJ. Buy 2001 Things

20th Pop 20th Pop Culture
by Dan Epstein

Epstein writes in his Amazon review: I wanted to call it _Stars, Cars & Electric Guitars: American Pop Culture from 1945 to 1999_, which would have been a much more accurate description of what this book is about. In short, my book is a snappy, somewhat irreverent survey of the biggest pop-cultural developments in America since World War II. Buy 20th Pop

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