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What's that stuff in the attic worth? Check it out with the guides below and more in other Book Bins. We add books all the time, so come on back real soon.

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McDonalds collectibles McDonald's Collectibles: Identification and Value Guide
by Audre Duvall

Considered the best McDonald's guide by many, nearly every type of collectible is covered in detail with more than 2,300 color photos. Each category is clearly described; includes tips for collectors. Big Mac, Happy Meal, shakes and collectibles. Did somebody say "McDonalds"? Buy McDonald's Guide

TV Toys Collectors Guide to TV Toys and Memorabilia: 1960s & 1970s (2nd Ed)
by Bill Morgan

Do you remember the Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched, Happy Days, and the Brady Bunch? If you watched TV in the 60s and 70s, you will love the 1,300+ color photos in this book. Every kind of TV toy and collectible you can imagine is covered. Now, where's that box of toys in the attic? Buy Guide to TV Toys

Star Wars Star Trek Price  Guide Tomart's Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles
by Stephen J. Sansweet, and others

This book is considered THE source for Star Wars collectibles by many serious collectors. With detailed photos and descriptions, and a complete pricing system that most consider accurate and fair, you should have this book if you collect Star Wars. Buy Tomarts Star Wars

Beatles Records Guide The Official Price Guide to the Beatles: Records and Memorabilia
by Perry Cox

From complete discographies, to bubble gum cards, lunch boxes, key chains, movie posters, toys, underwear, drum kits, hairspray, wigs, and much more, you'll find pricing and grading information, a great chapter on authenticating Beatles autographs, and even a buyers-sellers directory. Written by the leading authority on Beatles record collecting and one of the top dealers in the world on Beatles collectibles. This book is a must have! Buy Guide to Beatles

Campbells Soup collectibles Campbell's Soup Collectibles : A Price & Identification Guide
by David Young, Micki Young

Campbell's first collectible was issued in 1905. Since then thousands of different items have been produced. Arranged in alphabetical order by category, this full-color guide features over 400 photos of the hottest Campbell's items available. Includes over 1,200 individual listings with current prices. Buy Campbells Soup

Collecting 50s Miller's Collecting the 1950's
by Madeleine Marsh

This combination of color photos and informative text is excellent for the serious 50s collector. Covers furniture, fabric designs, kitsch, dishware, lamps, 50s clothing and much more. Buy Collecting 50s

Rock N Roll Goldmine Price Guide to Rock `N' Roll Memorabilia
by Mark Allen Baker

Most guides focus on records, this one takes care of everything else. There are thousands of listings for hard to find programs, autographs, record awards and rare collectibles. Profiles thousands of bands. Buy Rock N Roll

Elvis Presley guide The Official Price Guide to Elvis Presley Records and Memorabilia (2nd Ed)
by Jerry Osborner

There are over 6000 items listed in this 1998 guide. If collect Elvis items this guide is a good resource. Buy Elvis Guide

Disneyana Collectors Guide Disneyana Collectors Guide to California Pottery
by Devin Hodge, Tamara Frick

A complete collectors guide to vintage Walt Disney character ceramics produced in California from the 1930s through 1960s. Over 200 bright and vivid photographs capture the collectible works of Brayton Laguna, Vernon Kilns, American Pottery, Metlox and Hagen Renaker. Historical information on art pottery production is also included. A must have guide for those who specialize in Disney, art pottery, figurines and ceramics. Buy Disneyana Guide

Barbie Collector's Guide The Barbie Doll Years: A Comprehensive Listing & Value Guide of Dolls & Accessories (3rd Ed)
by Patrick C. Olds, Joyce L. Olds, Myrazona R. Harris

An updated, 3rd edition of an already comprehensive book of all Mattel Barbie products. (Cover shown here is from 2nd Edition). A complete collector's reference with the current market values of every Barbie doll and accessory. Contains information on Barbie, the cases, furniture, houses, paper dolls, children's clothes, jewelry, and games. Over 120 full-color photos. Buy Barbie Guide

Cola Guide B.J. Summers' Guide to Coca-Cola: Identifications Current Values Circa Dates (2nd Ed)
by Bobby J. Summers

If you collect Coca-Cola memorabilia you should take a look at this. Everything from jewelry to china, calendars to fans, thermometers, trays, games, clocks, Santas and bottles are shown here in over 750 color photos. Buy Cola Guide

Cartoon Toys Cartoon Toys & Collectibles: Identification and Value Guide
by David Longest

This 1998 publication features over 800 full color photos along with estimated values for every item. Disney, Warner Brothers, and Hanna-Barbera, among others are showcased with a complete history of each major category and useful collecting information and resources. Buy Cartoon Toys

Advertising Collectibles Advertising Character Collectibles: An Identification & Value Guide
by Warren Dotz

The ideal book for beginning and advanced collectors alike. Includes Restaurants and Fast Foods, Breakfast Cereals, Beverages, Automotive, Appliances, Drugstore, Cosmetics,Travel, Entertainment, and Tobacco Products. Over 400 color photos. Listings reflect current market value. Most collectors in this area use this book to assemble their collections. Buy Advertising Collectibles

PEZ Collectibles Pez Collectibles: Up-To-Date Prices (Schiffer Book)
by Richard Geary

PEZ candy and dispensers were brought to the US in 1952, since then more than 250 different types of character heads were made. Licensed cartoon characters, movie and TV personalities, and original designs are divided chronologically into five series. In this newly revised and expanded edition, most of the variations of PEZ dispensers are shown in 281 color photographs, as well as the premiums and store displays that helped sell them. Current market value listings. Buy Pez Collectibles

More PEZ More PEZ for Collectors
by Richard Geary

The popularity of PEZ collectibles has never been better. This book showcases newly discovered containers and a variety of PEZ products. Illustrated with hundreds of full color photographs with complete and accurate price guide. Buy More PEZ

Hottest Collectibles Today's Hottest Collectibles
by The Publishers of Toy Shop and Warman's Today Collector, Mike Jacquart

More than 1,300 identifying photos and 10,000 values make this resource of current popular areas of collecting a must-have for every garage sale, antique store, or auction browser. Buy Hottest Collectibles

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