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Three Stooges The Official Three Stooges Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Knucklehead's Guide to Stoogedom
by Robert Kurson

A fun, warm and loving rundown of all the people, places, songs, gags and routines that made the Stooges comedy immortals...and which make people laugh. If you want the exact words to the famous "Maharaja" routine, or the formula for the "Fountain of Youth" potion, the recipe for "Burned toast and a rotten egg," or the words to the famous alphabet song, look no further. This book is jam packed with giggles. Buy Stooges

Abbott & Costello The Abbott & Costello Story
by Stephen Cox, John Stephen, Lofflin Cox, John Lofflin

Includes more than 300 rare photos (many never published, some in color) and extensive interviews. This great biography of one of the greatest comedy teams includes their most famous routines, a filmography, great interviews and much more. Buy Abbott & Costello.

Three Stooges Cookbook The Official Three Stooges Cookbook
by Robert Kurson

Synthesizing all that is delightful and delicious in Three Stooges films, this cookbook contains 75 zany recipes inspired by the Stooges plus quotes and 60 original photos. Buy Stooges Cookbook.

Laurel and Hardy Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies
by Randy Skretvedt, Jordan R. Young (Ed)

This guide is the most detailed and accurate of the Laurel and Hardy resources: based on exclusive interviews with friends and associates, original shooting scripts, studio publicity material and production logs, family scrapbooks and legal depositions. Includes a who's who of supporting players and technical crew members, details on newly rediscovered films, lost footage and a resource guide. Buy Laurel and Hardy

Crime Movie Poster Art Crime Scenes: Movie Poster Art of the Film Noir: The Classic Period: 1941-1959
by Lawrence Bassoff

Included are posters and lobby cards--some extremely rare editions--for films like The Maltese Falcon, Out of the Past, and Double Indemnity. Nearly all the films were shot in black and white, but many of the best posters are drenched in vivid, oversaturated, high-contrast color. Price ranges are also included for collectors' reference. Buy Crime Movie Poster

iCinema Posters Rock, Pop, and Classic Cinema Posters
by Bruce Hershenson (Ed)

High-quality, all-color reproduction and accurate text make this an excellent reference for collectors and movie buffs alike. Includes the largest group of 1930s cartoon posters ever offered in one auction, including a near-complete set of posters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Every poster pictured in this volume was to be sold at public auction in Los Angeles on June 26, 1999. Buy Cinema Posters

The Munchkins of Oz The Munchkins of Oz
by Stephen Cox, Billy Barty

If you want to where the "little people" came from and where they then went, this is the book for you. Filled with great information on what they did on and off-set, and what became of those who stayed in show business. Loaded with photos and detailed information. Buy The Munchkins of Oz

Collecting Monsters Collecting Monsters of Film and TV: Identification & Value Guide
by Dana Cain, Diana Cain

Find out the going price for movie posters, figures, puzzles, games, comics and hundred of other monster-related items. This encyclopedic reference is your guide to a mansion-full of haunted collectibles. Plus you'll take a tour of the Ackermansion with the famous monster collecting master Buy Collecting Monsters

Reel Art Reel Art: Great Posters from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen
by Stephen Rebello, Richard Allen

Classic film posters drawn by the likes of Norman Rockwell, Thomas Hart Benton, and many unknown illustrators. The exaggerated lettering, dramatic rendering of the movie stars' faces, bright colors, sensational slogans, and the overall layout of the posters have all but disappeared from contemporary movie advertising. The wide selection of posters promises to please movie buffs and design fans alike. Buy Reel Art

Mighty Movies Mighty Movies: Movie Poster Art from Hollywood's Greatest Adventure Epics and Spectaculars
by Lawrence Bassoff

Just published! Over 150 rare, original and ravishing vintage Hollywood movie posters illustrate the history of the Classic Age of the Historical Adventure Epic (1932-1970) in the fabulous Mighty Movies! Cast and credit information, fascinating background information and critical analyses of dozens of major films. Buy Mighty Movies

Academy Award Winners' Movie Posters Academy Award Winners' Movie Posters (The Illustrated History of Movies Through Posters Series; Vol. 3)
by Bruce Hershenson

This deluxe volume is full color throughout and uses the finest printing techniques known. It pictures original film posters that depict every winner of the six major awards from the very first (1927/28) through 1995. Volume three of The Illustrated History of Movies Through Posters. Buy Academy Award Posters

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