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Rock-N-Roll Treasures Rock-N-Roll Treasures: Identification & Value Guide
by Joe Hilton, Greg Moore

The most complete and accurate identification and price guide of rock-n-roll music memorabilia to date. Covers over 40 years of the rarest rock-n-roll collectibles known to exist. Many of the photos are here in print for the first time. Over 1,300 full-color photographs display several thousand pieces of rock memorabilia from nearly 100 rock-n-roll artists. Provides info on valuing the items, grading them, buying them, selling them and protecting them. Buy Rock N Roll

History of Rock-N-Roll The Rhino History of Rock 'N' Roll: The '70s
by Eric Lefcowitz

From funk to soul to disco to punk, The Rhino History of Rock 'n' Roll: The '70s presents a colorful, in-depth account of the grooviest decade in music. The first in a series of books from Rhino Records, the book includes an original CD of classic '70's tunes and interviews. Buy Rhino History

Monkees Guide The Monkees Collectibles Price Guide
by Marty Eck

A thoroughly illustrated anthology of one of the most heavily merchandised TV shows in history. Pictures on every page represent virtually every item ever produced connected with the band and show. Premiums, display items and the rarest collectibles are showcased with over 700 great photos, clear description and fair values. Includes a section on recognizing bootleg/unlicensed items from the 1980s. A "Must Have" for novice collectors; good resource for veterans. Buy Monkees Guide

60S Flashback 60S Flashback: Music Collectibles from the Age of Change
by Greg Paul

Music collectibles from the 1960s are profiled in an excellent, colorful collection of album covers, posters, postcards, news clippings, and others. From rock to jazz, this is an excellent collection. Buy 60S Flashback

Beatles Memorabilia The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide
by Jeff Augsburger, Marty Eck, Rick Rann, Rick Mann

This book is a must have if you collect Beatles memorobilia. It's the most complete guide, beautifully illustrated. Over 1500 Fab Four collectibles with current market values. Buy Beatles Memorabilia

Guide to Records The Official Price Guide to Records (13th Ed)
by Jerry Osborne

From ABBA to the Zombies, this official price reference lists every single and album by every charted artist from 1926 to 1992--including crossover jazz, country, R&B, soul, gospel, and classical hits, plus promotional records, limited editions, compilations, and picture sleeves. Includes tips on grading and caring for collections, a complete buyer-seller dictionary, and photos. Over 600 pages and 100,000 listings. Buy Guide to Records

Everything Elvis Everything Elvis
by Joni Lee Mabe

Captures a colorful array of Elvis Presley memorabilia, from bubblegum cards to bedspreads to locks of The King's hair, along with the author's observations and anecdotes about being a devoted follower of the late singer. Buy Everything Elvis

Rock and Pop Memorabilia Miller's Rock and Pop Memorabilia
by Stephen Maycock

Rock and pop memorabilia is the fastest growing collecting area and world record prices are constantly being set. This book covers a wide range of items from autographed material, clothing and instruments to affordable souvenirs. Buy Rock and Pop

Sheet Music Sheet Music Reference and Price Guide
by Anna Marie Guiheen, Marie-Reine A. Pafik

Sheet music has long been collected mainly for its beautiful colors and great artistic covers, with many worth hudreds of dollars on today's market. This 2nd edition helps the collecter discern the really rare and valuable from the common pieces. Includes over 13,000 listings that provide date, artist, lyricist, composer and current collector value. Buy Sheet Music

Rock `N' Roll Memorabilia Goldmine Price Guide to Rock `N' Roll Memorabilia
by Mark Allen Baker

Most guides focus on records, this one takes care of everything else. There are thousands of listings for hard to find programs, autographs, record awards and rare collectibles. Profiles thousands of bands. Buy Rock `N' Roll Memorabilia

Money Records The Official Guide to the Money Records: The 1000 Most Valuable Records
by Jerry Osborne

Here is the definitive guide--the first resource of its kind--that ranks the Top 1,000 rarest and most precious records, from $650 to $25,000. Crosses all music styles, including Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Rockabilly, Country and Western, Jazz, and Soundtracks--and it covers all speeds (33, 45, and 78) and all formats: Singles, Picture Sleeves, EPs, and LPs. Buy Money Records

45 Rpm Picture Sleeve Goldmine 45 Rpm Picture Sleeve Price Guide
by Charles Szabla

Lavishly illustrated with 1,360 photos, 160 in color, this volume--the only book available on the topic--identifies, dates and values, in two grades of condition, picture sleeves for pop, rock, alternative, country, r&b, dance, soul, jazz, blues, classical, comedy, movie & TV soundtracks, opera and other types of records. Buy 45 Rpm Picture Sleeve

Promo Record Guide Goldmine Promo Record & Cd Price Guide
by Fred Heggeness, Tim Neely (Ed)

Over 10,000 total individual promotional 45s, 78s, LPs, LLPs, EPs, 12-inch singles and sleeves and covers from 1950 to 1997 are listed. 1,100 photos. Buy Promo Guide

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