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A Portfolio Business of JFS Consulting
Welcome to The Pop Culture Store and Virtual Museum

Our A-Team*
Rick Smyre
Tom Malone
Michael Schrage
Gareth Morgan
Todd Rundgren
A nanocorp's A-Team is a list of folks the nanocorp wants to work with, or study under, in a self-organizing, 'Just In Time, Life-long Learning' program.

Can you connect us with one of our A-Team? Who's on your A-Team? We might know them. ;-)

Find out more...
about A-Teams, sandboxes and other self-organizing collaboration techniques at Sohodojo.

The Pop Culture Store and Virtual Museum is a portfolio project founded by JFS Consulting, the nanocorp representing the creative and business enterprises of Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Jim and Timlynn's current portfolio of web-based dejobbed small businesses include:

  • Sohodojo, Inc.
    The applied R&D Lab for entrepreneurial free agents and dejobbed small businesses... the building blocks of Small is Good Business Webs. Sohodojo was originally envisioned to be owned and operated by a federation of nanocorps but is now chartered as a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation to better support the lab's social action mission serving nanocorp-based solo and family-based entrepreneurs in rural and distressed urban communities. This lab serves its constituency through the development of Open Source Software technologies and educational materials to support 'Small is Good' business webs for ventures such as...

  • The Pop Culture Store and Virtual Museum
    This 'sandbox' will evolve to showcase 'Small is Good' business webs in a pure-Internet play with a content-driven model which incorporates a strong eCommerce-based marketplace component. The Pop Culture Store and Virtual Museum will create and maintain the largest, international, 'multi-cultural' free and Open repository of information about what is popularly known as Pop Culture... and we intend to have a lot of fun doing it!

    A complementary 'sandbox' to showcase our Small Is Good Business Web for bridging the Digital Divide with a self-organizing, sustainable network of home-based and 'craftory'-scale product design, development, manufacturing and distribution functions... with a Shamrock core-leaf handling dot-com marketing, sales and customer services! It's about opportunity webs, not career paths in the workplace of the 21st Century.

  • 3RBuilders.Net
    Our 'sandbox' that will showcase the Small Is Good Business Web as it applies to the construction of affordable housing in rural and distressed urban areas using 'Green' building techniques based on the '3R's of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". We're working on this most interesting business web with partners in the Earthaven ecovillage in western North Carolina.

Our goal is to guide the development of these 'Small is Good' business webs throughout rural and urban communities interested in unleashing the 'other side of capitalism'... the power of 'Small is Good' business webs. An example of target communities for seeding the Entrepreneurial Spirit are the U.S. Enterprise Communities and Empowerment Zones.

Highly Recommended
Age of Unreason is a Sohodojo must-read.
The Age of Unreason
Nanocorping secrets revealed by one of England's most astute minds! Everyone, not just nanocorpers, should read this book at least twice.

Our portfolio projects reinforce and extend our business venture involvements.

Quality of life considerations

Jim's college buddy, Mark Daughtrey, is a walking pop culture encyclopedia and avid collector living in an historic house in beautiful Lexington, Virginia. Mark is surrounded by an inventory of thousands of items for The Pop Culture Store. Jim and Timlynn like taking the beautiful drive up Route 501 from Raleigh to Lexington for PCS Bored of Directors meetings.

While you can make a case for "thar's gold in them thar hills" of pop culture collectibles, our interest in The Pop Culture Store goes deeper than that. We are aging Boomer's. We grew up on the Television of the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Television, film and radio each play a powerful role in shaping what we know as popular culture. Given this context, The Pop Culture Store is inherently interesting to us, both as a business opportunity and as a domain for research satisfying our curiosity to understand better what makes us, and those around us, tick.

Popcorn trend-wise, we're down-aging and then some...

We do a ClickSpread Analysis as part of the strategic planning for each portfolio business we develop. We weigh our business opportunities and market strategies with respect to how they play into the market trends enumerated by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold.

The Pop Culture Store strongly clicks on down-aging, and clanning . With the right promotional messages it could well appeal to the market seeking small indulgences. There is potential to tap into the cocooning and egonomics market trends as well.

The Pop Culture Store has lots of market appeal. We will be testing various market magnet strategies with this portfolio business.

Take a look at our ClickSpread Analysis of all the JFS Consulting portfolio businesses.

Birth of a new nanocorp...

When we talk about nanocorps being 'ruthlessly small,' we mean that the nanocorp's founding owners will forever be its only employees. That is, there is no accretive growth in a nanocorp! A nanocorp cannot grow by hiring new employees. Growth is not accumulation of more of the same.

The only acceptable patterns of growth in a nanocorp are replication and transformation. Typical means to transformative growth in a nanocorp are outsourcing and automation.

The most exciting and rewarding form of growth in a nanocorp, however, is replication. Typical means to replicative growth in a nanocorp are mentoring and spin-offs.

Our primary partner in The Pop Culture Store, Mark Daughtrey, knows pop culture backwards and forwards. And he has the highest integrity and enthusiasm you could want in a business partner. But he would be among the first to admit that there is much that he and Betsy need to learn before they grab the ball and run with their own Internet-based nanocorp. But we are all working together birthing a new nanocorp in Lexington, Virginia.

Thanks for checking us out...

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Sohodojo is home of the nanocorp and small business revolutionaries. It's never business as usual at Sohodojo.

JFS Consulting Inc. is a member of the Master Webring of the Nanocorps
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