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Star Wars The Galaxy's Greatest Star Wars Collectibles Price Guide 1999
by Stuart W. Wells

Thousands of items--in 40 categories of collectibles produced since 1977--their history, and their values are listed in this complete illustrated guide to the Lucas empire. 500 color photos. Buy Star Wars

 Star Wars Collectibles House of Collectibles Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles (4th Ed)
by Sue Cornwell, Mike Kott

Includes more than 3,500 prices for such collectible Star Wars items as toys, costumes, videos, and trading cards. Helpful tips on building a collection and important information for determining authenticity--plus updated material on dealers, clubs, conventions, and fanzines. Photos, including eight pages of color shots. Buy Star Wars Collectibles

Star War Toys Collecting Star Wars Toys 1977-1997: An Unathorized Practical Guide
by Jeffrey B. Snyder

Published in February 1999, this book is jammed, packed with Star War Toys information. If you love Darth Vader, Luke, the Princess and all those wonderful friends and enemies of the Star War trilogy, you'll find them all here. Well documented. Buy Star War Toys

Collectibles from Far Far Away Collectibles from a Galaxy Far Far Away
by Beckett Hot Toys

With photos and text chronicling character action figures, movie playsets, posters, celebrity autographs and more, fans will find this to be the ultimate book for Star Wars enthusiasts. Full color. Buy Far Far Away

Merchandizing Star Wars Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible
by Stephen J. Sansweet, Steve Essig, David Tucker

Nearly everything linked with the original Star Wars trilogy is valuable, from bottle caps to shoelaces to posters. The first illustrated Star Wars book to feature the multitude of merchandising spin-offs generated by the film. Full-color photographs throughout. Even casual fans will be delighted by dozens of photos of toys they wanted, toys they had, and toys they wish had been made. Buy Star Wars

Star Trek House of Collectibles Price Guide to Star Trek Collectibles (4th Ed)
by Sue Cornwell, Mike Kott

This definitive guide--with more than 5,000 prices listed - takes you boldly into Star Trek territory. From action figures, buttons, and calendars, to jewelry, posters, and trading cards, Trekkies will find what they need in this comprehensive reference. Many photos. Buy Star Trek Guide

iStar Trek Collectibles Star Trek Collectibles: Classic Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager (Schiffer Book)
by Ursula Augustin

This unique price catalogue contains more than 1,000 collectibles, many of which sold-out long ago on the retail market. Presented in gorgeous color and black and white illustrations. Listings include collectibles from the Voyager series. Buy Star Trek Collectibles

Science Fiction Collectibles Science Fiction Collectibles: Identification and Price Guide
by Stuart W. Wells

Featuring more than 500 black-and-white photos, 16 pages of full color photos, and value listings for thousands of science fiction collectibles, this comprehensive guide contains information for action figures and vehicles; rays guns, robots, rocket ships, and other toys; memorabilia and collectibles; and books and magazines. It also gives an overview of the genre, from the pulp magazines and comic strips of the 1930s to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" memorabilia of the 1990s. Buy Sci-fi Collectibles

Collecting Sci-Fi Collecting Science Fiction and Fantasy: Instant Expert
by Gary Lovisi, Carl Calati

A one-of-a-kind resource - covering the history and how-tos of collecting science fiction - from the Golden Age of Hugo Gernsback to the 1997 re-release of Star Wars. Features detailed, practical advice on starting a collection, conserving your books, top cover artists, movie and TV tie-ins. Insider tips on what's hot, market trends, attending shows and auctions, perfecting buying and selling skills, and talking the talk of an expert. Buy Instant Expert

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