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Ultimate Barbie The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book
by Marcie Melillo

Full color pictures of each doll with a full length shot of the doll in the box, and close up on the face make this book a must for collectors. Covers each doll from head to toe and includes a list of accessories. The close up face pictures help identify dolls by hairstyle and makeup. Takes the guesswork out of identifing your dolls. Buy Ultimate Barbie

Cartoon Toys Cartoon Toys and Collectibles Identification and Value Guide
by David Longest

A complete history with over 800 color photos. Estimated values for major categories include Hanna-Barbera, Disney, and Warner Brothers, among many others. Covers the Cartoon Character Hall of Fame, and lists resources. Buy Cartoon Toys

Toy Cars and Trucks Toy Cars & Trucks: Identification and Value Guide (2nd Ed)
by Richard O'Brien

This second edition is not just expanded--it's exploded! Clear some space on your shelf for this compendium of mean machines, including a color section that's twice as big as the first edition, with 50 additional manufacturers for a total of 300. 100 color photos. 3,400 b&w photos. Buy Toy Cars & Trucks

Boys' Toys Boys' Toys of the Fifties and Sixties: Memorable Catalog Pages from the Legendary Sears Christmas Wishbooks 1950-1969
by Thomas W. Holland (Ed)

If you were a boy growing up in the 50s or 60s, you'll surely remember these wonderful old Sears, Roebuck & Co. Christmas catalog pages from 1950-1969. Organized by year, these full-sized authorized page reprints are jammed with classic toys like G.I. Joe, Lionel trains, Marx playsets, 007 spy gadgetry, Erector sets, slot cars, Roy Rogers and Davy Crockett cowboy toys and more, with their original prices! Thousands of illustrations. Buy Boy's Toys

Girls' Toys Girls' Toys of the Fifties and Sixties: Memorable Catalog Pages from the Legendary Sears Christmas Wishbooks 1950-1969
by Thomas W. Holland

The very best Sears Wishbook pages of toys sold to girls from 1950 through 1969. Authorized reproductions of the rare original catalog pages show thousands of highly collectible toys, dolls and bikes. Includes: Barbie and Ken, Toni, Chatty Cathy, Betsy Wetsy, the Easy Bake Oven, Twister, Mystery Date and Mousetrap; hundreds of now-rare collectible toys from Mattel, Ideal, Marx and many other brands sold by Sears during two golden decades for Baby Boomers. A "must have" reference for all toy and doll collectors. Buy Girls' Toys

Spy Toys Spy Toys; A Pictorial History and Price Guide
by Cramer Burks

Spy toys are among the best selling toys ever made, and highly collectible today. This cool book has tons of now rare toys pictured, along with date of release, manufacturer information and their value today. James Bond, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Avengers, Honey West, I-Spy! and many other shows brought Cold War-era kids some really neat toys. Includes spy toys as featured in the Sears and Wards Christmas catalogs, TV commercials and more. A "Must Have." Buy Spy Toys

GI Joe Guide Collectible Gi Joe: An Official Guide to His Action-Packed World
by Derryl Depriest

Surveys the golden age of G.I. Joe in pictures and text; a comprehensive view - covering equally the military (1964-1968) and adventure (1969-1976) years. There are over 275 great photos of Joe in action poses, in full color with very witty narrative description. Excellent photos and accurate price guide. If you collect Joe, you'll love this book. Buy GI Joe Guide

Toys and Prices 1999 Toys & Prices
by Sharon Korbeck

Designed for every collector, casual or serious. This compact guide is packed with information on more than 19,000 toys and 50,000 values. Listings are organized in an easy-to-read format and span the years from 1843 to 1997. Includes sections on How To Use the Grading Guides, a Toy Manufacturers Directory, and a Directory of Auction Houses. 500 photos. Buy Toys & Prices

Die Cast Toys Collectors Guide to Diecast Toys and Scale Models: Identification & Values
by Dana Johnson

This second edition showcases 580 brands of diecast and related automotive toys and models. The list is growing everyday. Color photos enhance this 262-page encyclopedia. Includes current values. Excellent overview of ALL diecast cars ever made Buy Die Cast Toys

TV Toys TV Toys and the Shows That Inspired Them
by Cynthia Boris Liljeblad

Confidently compare your own toys to this carefully researched practical and authoritative reference for collectibles from popular shows of the '50s and '60s. Detailed descriptions cover every show from The Addams Family to Zorro and everything in between. If you loved the likes of The Munsters, Get Smart, The Beverly Hillbillies, Daniel Boone, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, Green Hornet, Batman, The Rat Patrol, and Hogan's Heroes, you'll love this book. Buy TV Toys

Tootsie Toys Collector's Guide to Tootsie Toys: Identification and Values
by David E. Richter

This is the 2nd edition of the tootsietoys collectors guide. The 272 pages are chock full of great photos that help you identify your tootsietoy collectibles. Comes complete with market values lists and description. Buy Tootsie Toys

Character Toys Hake's Price Guide to Character Toys
by Ted Hake

Written by the most noted expert on character toy premiums, and assembled by Robert Overstreet and Gemstone Publishing. This is a 'serious' price gude! There are: over 6,000 entries, each illustrated with a photo; 350 separate categories; more than 200 characters; and both rare and hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind premiums. Buy Character Toys

Tinker Toys Collector's Guide to Tinker Toys
by Craig Strange

First comes the history of the company, then every conceiveable Tinker Toy made. Book Chapters include: Models, Mysteries, Medallions, Action Toys, Art Sets, Bead Dolls, Bead Toys, Construction Sets, Games, Miscellaneous Toys, Pull Toys, Mystery Toys, Non-Toy Products, Spalding Construction Sets, Questor Construction Sets, and more. Many illustrations and full color photos. Buy Tinker Toys

Barbie Doll Vinyl Cases Collectors Guide to Barbie Doll Vinyl Cases: Identification and Values
by Connie Craig Kaplan

If you are a Barbie doll case collector this book is an absolute "must-have." Covers cases from the first one made through the generic early '70's cases. Also features late '60's vinyl lunchboxes, coin purses, pencil pouches, and room/structures that double as cases. Buy Barbie Vinyl Cases

Disney Dolls Disney Dolls: Identification & Value Guide
by Margo Rana

This definitive picture guide identifies and provides up-to-date collector values on all of the heroines and heroes of the DISNEY animated films. With unrivaled descriptions of the doll's outfits, facial features, hair, and accessories< this is not just another price guide. This is a must have book for identifying ANY Mattel made Disney doll. Buy Disney Dolls

Space Toys Space Toys of the 60's: An Illustrated Collector's Guide
by James H. Gillam

Major Matt Mason, Mighty Zeroid Robots & Star Team, and Outer Space Men are showcased, complete with product catalogs, collector's reminiscences, prototypes, company histories, and any details you can imagine. If you're a space toy collector, you're going to love this book. Buy Space Toys

Raggedy Ann Collectibles The World of Raggedy Ann Collectibles: Identification & Values
by Kim Avery

Over 1,200 full-color photos are brought together with facts, sizes, dates and current collector values of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. This fun book provides a valuable guide to the collector as well as the dealer. Buy Raggedy Ann

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